How to be confident [No one will tell you]

By | January 28, 2019

Hey ! as per the title says “How To Be Confident ” I will share some proven Hacks and strategies which I use to build Confidence in me and I am 100% Sure these will also work for you but you have to take actions also.

First of all clear this two Terms in your mind –

1- Self-esteem

2- Confidence

What is Self-esteem?

When you completely accept yourself and realize your actual worth that Called self-esteem.

What is confidence?

You can say when you have a strong feeling inside you who is shouting Inside you that you can do it.

There are certain kind of people when they achieve the goals they become Confident enough but after a passage of time when the situations aren’t in There favor their confidence get smashed into the ground and disappear. Did you know why these happen these happens because either they were Overconfident or there confidence was temporary?


Your confidence graph should be increasing at an increasing rate. The Confidence value is same as the value of fuel in A car not more than Required nor less than the need. Your confidence should be unshakable.

Life is a game –

Treat your life like a game, play with challenges. Don’t be too serious. “Life Is not a problem to be solved it is a game To be played – Sandeep Maheshwari.  You would be knowing there are certain rules in every game And we should Follow them.

If we only think of winning the game without keeping in mind about the Rules we will end up losing it just think what Will the self-esteem and self-Confidence of a person who is thinking of only winning the game according To me it would we high as he/she is great in the eyes of himself.

On the other hand, if there is a  responsible player, he will follow the rules And will try to give there best shot without thinking about winning that’s Called confidence and that player self-esteem will be very high because his Honest and dedication could be seen in his eyes.

Example – ‘M.S DHONI’ [Ex- Indian cricket team captain]

These man self-esteem and confidence is unshakable he follows the rules of His game he determined dedicated honest towards his game. No matter How extreme the situation he will not cheat. These type of person aura is Great even if there comes a scenario where the umpire is in doubt he Watches the reaction of Dhoni and got his answer.

If you want to know whether a person is confident or not you will find a Peacefulness on his face in hindi you will see a ‘tehrav‘.That is more Important than anything else.

If you lose the game self-introspect yourself where you had gone wrong Look after your weak points and try to become the better you.






Did you know in any game how confidence is boosted?

If you don’t know a particular game and I ask you that you can play these Game than what will be your answer?

If you said yes then there is a sense of overconfidence in you because Without knowing the game how you can say you can play it. On the other Hand, if you had said that I can learn how to play this game and then I will Play that’s called confidence.

Three Pillars –

If you want to excel anything in life you have to follow these three pillars -If You understand them in depth than your outcome and performance will be Automatically better.

A- Passion-

What do you mean by passion?

It is something which we like to do, isn’t it? no, my dear friend, passion is Something like which we like to do and we are fascinated on the outcome or Results of it you can say we not liking the game we liking the outcome of the Game. We are thinking about what will I get if I fo this man had earn 10000$ by doing these I should also go for it.

This gives a sense of selfishness in you and shows how greedy you are, let’s Take an example if you are playing a game whose outcome you are liking But you don’t love playing the game, the thing the hard work you had to Give to win the game you don”t show interest in them,

In that case, you will require more effort, external motivation, Focus, concentration, and hard work. You have to Work like crazy People because you don’t have an interest in doing that you Attracted towards its outcome. And the Effect which it brings after 4 To 5 years would be interesting.

The chair the position which you will get after your work which you hate Doing it would be love but the work which you had to do you will hate that You will love when you receive a message on your mobile that  a/c has been Credited by xxxx$ at the beginning of each month but you will hate the Work you had to do get the salary.

Suppose in worth case scenario you are doing work with your full passion And in depth of your work you have to do something which you don’t like Or you don’t have interest in it you ignore that work if you had an interest In batting only and you say that you had no interest in fielding than it is not Your passion.

On the other side if you are an all rounder than it’s great .I HAD


And than you realise what you parent’s where saying was correct. we Don’t Go in depth of our passion. ‘we should not have the passion of winning Rather we should have a passion for playing enjoying the game.

Think once if your passion is to discover yourself than you can’t even Imagine what will the confidence and self-esteem of that person. You have To master the games it’s rules that means you have to master all the aspects Of your life whether it’s health, wealth and relationship. you have to Master All of them you have to be passionate towards your life.


B- Practice-

If a person who thinks he will win the game and he wins also did we can Call it self confidence? No, it is called practice no matter how great the Batsman is a weak bowler can clean bold him anytime. How great a Batsman has not decided on the field it depends on how much time he sweats on Training and practice.

You should had confidence on your practice that i had practice these much And i am in full form and i had full faith on it. You should have mindset like I may win or lose in short term but in long term no power of the world can hold me back because i will be unstoppable ,.

These called and on the other side if a person is shouting I Am good player am good at these game to the world that’s called an over Confidence hope you get what want to say.

Does Practice is enough?

Is practice sufficient ? or we can say practice in right direction is what we Need. So what is right practice and wrong practice?

Right practice –

Whatever the field you are learning from learn from the experts of that Particular field it is not neccessary that you have to be in personal contact With them you can learn sitting at your home.

Ironically the thing is that we take advise and suggestion from people that Don’t know anything related to our goals passion and dream and we start Blindly following it.

There is a huge difference between a clever person and foolish person the Clever one will always take advise from the experts of that field follow the Experts learn from them observe them take basic knowledge from them These is a sign of confidence.

‘To break the rule you had to understood the rules ‘it is the biggest Quality to be succesful.

It’s not about learning from book and learning from people it’s about Learning from the right kind of book and right kind of people.

‘Kahi se bhi kuch sun kar feed kar rahe ho aur soch Rhe ho uske basis pe kuch ho jayega toh kuch nhi Hone wala hai’

The one who is sucessfull if he don’t say a word or don’t do anything you Can you can learn various things from his body language.


Results are not in your hand but patience and persistence is just keep on Doing your work honestly with full dedication determination success will Start following you . Some quotes for you

This confidence is not something that happens overnight. I have Been working on it for a long time. I look in the mirror and do Affirmations: ‘You are bold. You are brilliant. You are beautiful.’ If My lower pooch is really popping out that day, I look at it and say, ‘Pooch, you are cute!’ Ashley Graham

Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but Reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or Happy. Norman Vincent Peale

Article is inspired by sandeep maheshwari sir .


I had shared with you whatever knowledge I had all about developing Confidence, discovering your passion and some secrets to success if you found any grammatical mistakes forgive me I am not good at grammar. A share and comment are appreciated, Stay connect with us from facebook.

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