The Alchemist Book Review [80+Million copy sold]

By | May 20, 2019

Hey !! Friends today I am going to reveal ‘ The Secrets of Success‘. I will Share the Lesson and summary of the world best book ‘The Alchemist’ Which had sold over 80+ million books (as on 2014) It has been on The New York Times bestseller list for more than 315 weeks. It has also been translated Into 80 different languages, setting the Guinness World Record for the most Translated book by any living author.

So, Now you can imagine the worth of this book, well not saying much Let’s dive into the summary-

The story begins from a place called ‘Andalusia’ which is in Spain There was a boy named ‘Santiago’ which is a shepherd and he loves to travel from one place to another he left his house by convincing his parents to allow him to travel.

One day Santiago was traveling with his sheep to another city but it was dark at night and he didn’t want to move ahead as wild animals can attack over his sheep. He found an abandoned church and then he decided to spend the night there.

There was a sycamore tree inside it he slept under it and then he saw a dream in which a little boy holds his hands and says there is a treasure for you in the pyramids when he was going to show the exact location his dream broke.

It was not new for him he had watched the same dream multiple times so he forgets it, then he starts thinking about the girl of that merchant whom he had met last year when he went to his city Tarifa where he had sold the wool of the sheep it was the only source of earning for him by which he buys books, wines and survive.

He likes the merchant’s girl while on his way to ‘Tarifa’ he meets an old woman who was quite known for his supernatural skills, she was a Palm Reader and she can also interpret his dream the old woman said that there is a treasure in his destiny she will help him to reach his treasure but on one condition.

The Alchemist

The condition was that he will have to give 1/10 of his treasure [If he found it] to her. Santiago smiled and promises her but an inner voice of him was saying that it is all irrelevant he decided to move on and continue his journey.

One day When he was at plaza [market] reading a book. He interacted with an old man who started giving lectures on the dream he had watched he was astonished as he hasn’t confessed his dream to anyone except the old woman.

Santiago thought it was a trap laid by that old woman so that she can deceive him through this old man, but he was wrong the old man says his name is Melchizedek and he is the king of Salem he loves to travel, he disguises himself while traveling.

The old man starts writing some information about Santiago on the ground he wrote information which was very private non-other than Santiago knows this information. He started believing in him. The old man says he can give some information about the treasure on one condition that if he will give him 1/10 of the sheep to him.

The old man says when we are young we know our goal we don’t feel afraid on watching dreams and fulfilling it, but as the time moves on negative energy starts convincing you that it is impossible for you to achieve the dream and then we quit our dream our goal.

No matter who are you, but when you want something by heart it becomes your mission whether it is traveling or getting married with merchant’s daughter.
“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Santiago thought for a moment how he can leave his sheep and merchant’s daughter. He says to the old man that he can give 1/10 of the treasure to him instead of 1/10 of the sheep. The old man says you can’t give me something which you don’t have and in starting if you think of giving something which you don’t have you will lose the desire for it.

Santiago thought if his parents can adjust and start living without him than why not his sheep and that girl even they don’t know me, they will get used to it, they can live without me.

He sold all the sheep except that 1/10 which he had to give to that old man by doing this he had collected some money.

As promised, he will give 1/10 of his sheep to the old man and with the Leftover money, he will manage his expenses.

The old man informs that the pyramid which he had seen in his dream is in Egypt and in order to find the treasure he had to observe and read nature’s signal.

The old man gave him two stones which will help him to read the signals of nature named “Urim and Thummim”. Santiago headed over to the ship for Egypt and landed in Tangier, Morocco.

He was in stranger country he doesn’t know anyone and he was robbed by some goons and he was left with not a single penny he was frustrated and remembers he also didn’t have his sheep with him.

He was feeling guilty on his decision to come here and for following his dream and treasure, I havoc my beautiful life after this treasure I was so happy in my small world there with my sheep and love.

He cooled his mind and thought this place isn’t that bad it is new for me but previously as a shepherd, I travel to a new place he boosted up light up his hope and moved towards his dream.

On the way he saw a hill he reached there, a small market can be seen there suddenly his eyes stuck towards a crystal merchant shop he decided to had a conversation with the shopkeeper.

He asked shopkeeper he would clean his crystal glasses by which it will sale more and he just have to give some food to eat to him for his small service.

While he was cleaning the crystal some two new customers entered the shop, shopkeepers gave him the food and also offers him a job Santiago thought he will work here for few days and will collect enough money to go back to his village.

After few days Santiago noticed that people get tired after climbing the hill and there was not so good option for foods at the hill, he suggests the shopkeeper that he had a business plan.

Santiago plan was to open tea stall and will serve the tea in crystal glasses this will be of great impact as our tea and glasses both will sales fluently.

After one year both of them earned a hell lot of money Santiago thought now he can go back to his village without feeling ashamed and can also buy the double of sheep he had.

Spain was only 2 hrs in distance, but to reach pyramids he had to cross a big desert, then he thinks about the words by that old king and he thinks he is only 2 hours closer to reaching his dream.

He joined the caravan which was going to Eygpt, he meets an Englishman there he was in search of an alchemist which was 200 years old and not only that he can also transform copper into gold.

When both of them reached alchemist village than a war starts between the tribals than he helps Englishman to find the alchemist in order to find the address of the alchemist they go to a well of a village.

Fatima the name of the girl whom they find at the well. Santiago fall in love with Fatima at first sight now Santiago daily started meeting Fatima at the well.

Englishman finds the alchemist and told him he was searching for him since 10 years alchemist said did you ever tried making gold from lead? while in that search of 10 years Englishman told no than alchemist said go and start trying.


Santiago was becoming familiar with the village and the nature of desert he was understanding the language of the desert one day he saw two eagles fighting and a vision strikes him and he runs towards the head of the village the head person says if his vision finds to be an illusion that he will cut off his head.

The head person prepares his army on the warning of Santiago Next day the village was attacked really but as they were prepared they win. He was rewarded with 50 gold pieces and was also given the designation of the counselor to him.

Now he had money and designation now he can live happily with Fatima next day he meets Fatima and told her about all this she says she is a woman of the desert and we are used to waiting for our men. She also says true love never stop from following the dream and you should go to fulfill your dream.

On that day in the evening, alchemist meets Santiago and makes him understand and convinced him to go in quest of treasure with him for a few days they travel in the desert.

On the way some tribals hostage them on the allegations of being detective they take them to the head of tribal, alchemist says he didn’t know about any war and this boy Santiago is a reknowned alchemist and he can transform himself into a destructive storm it will so fast that your tribal camps will be blown away.

The alchemist handed over the gold to the tribal man. The head of the tribal also warns them that if this boy will not transform in a storm within 3 days then you both will be killed.

Santiago was frightened now and says that you had laid me in the trap and now we both will be killed this is impossible to do alchemist says that – you let the fear of failure and death go and you should point focus on learning the language of a dessert you can easily do it.

On the third day Santiago stands on a high hill and talks to desert, wind, and sun in a universal language got success in bringing the storm and all tribal people got frightened and leave him. They travel for a few more days and reached to a monk’s house.

Alchemist shows them by changing lead into gold in monk’s house he breaks the gold into four pieces one piece he keeps with himself for returning back and one piece he gives to Santiago because he had given his gold to tribal peoples and two pieces to the monk one for himself and the other one for Santiago when he returns back.

From here alchemist and Santiago ways are separated and than Santiago reached the pyramid and start digging in quest of treasure suddenly some people come there and snatch away the gold piece from Santiago and they thought as he is digging here this boy also had hidden some more gold there that’s why they beat Santiago and tell him to dig more .

Santiago helplessly tells about his dream and treasure to him the leader of the group op prople started laughing and says he also saw a quite similar type of dream in which he saw there was an abondend church in spain inside the church there was scyamore tree where shepherds sleeps with there sheeps and under it there is a treasure.

But I am not that fool that I run towards the treasure and waste my time and he says to his group leave him. I think he is a psycho he had also steal this gold piece from somewhere and then he leaves Santiago alone.

Santiago started laughing and he realised that the treasure is in the church where he sleeps he came back to his country and came to the church where the sycamore tree is, sycamore is a symbol of Egypt so in dream he saw Egypt and then he took out the treasure and as per the promise 1/10 of the treasure he had to give to that old woman and then he will return back to desert where Fatima is waiting for him.


Conclusion: The treasure which you looking for is within you. If Santiago had not gone in search of a treasure he wouldn’t have found his treasure.

Thanks for reading and giving your time it was a very short summary of this great book I will recommend you to buy the book and read, it will give the next level of satisfaction to you and one can feel the characters and essence of the story.

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